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Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism

Archive Press Releases

The Economist and the Financial Times continue their promotion campaign for Romania

press release

On Friday 16 March, the Economist and the Financial Times published a new series of articles aimed at promoting Romania to the international business environment, within the framework of the campaign initiated together with the Ministry of European Integration.

The second series of articles, published today, present Romania’s development priorities for the period 2007-2013: transport, environment, human resources, administrative capacity, economic competitiveness, regional development and the opportunities the foreign investors have. The articles also present the financial allocations destined for Romania for the same period. The next series of articles will be published on 6 April in the Economist and on 10 April in the Financial Times.

The Economist and the Financial Times, with the support of the Ministry of European Integration and with private financing, carried out an information campaign at European level, whose aim is to assist foreign investors identify business opportunities offered by Romania, in its capacity of EU Member State with full rights.

The campaign takes place during the period March-April and consists of the publication of information articles on our country’s progress in EU accession preparation period and the opportunities to invest in Romania. The campaign also includes a series of editorials of the top companies in Romania. The Ministry of European Integration provides the information needed to draw up the materials to appear in the two publications.

After the end of the campaign, The Economist and the Financial Times will draw up a market study to measure the level of influence over the readers’ opinion and the image benefits for the participants in the project.
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