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Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism

press release [01-10-2010] | photo gallery | ministry`s agenda

Tulcea County modernises under Regional Operational Programme

Today, 1 October 2010, the Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, Elena Udrea, and Prime Minister Emil Boc attended the inauguration of a road network linking Tulcea and Murighiol, respectively Dunavăt.

The project "Modernization of access infrastructure to the tourism area Murighiol - Uzlina - Dunavăt - Lake Razim" aims to increase the level of access and mobility of the population in the tourism area Murighiol - Uzlina - Dunavăt - Lake Razim, by modernising the road infrastructure of the county roads included in the route (th road from Tulcea to Murighiol, the main street in Mahmudia up to the Danube, the road Murighiol - Dunavăt and the road up to the Murighiol wharf), aimed at the economic development at the level of the South-East Region.

The works carried out consisted in the achievement of 13 km of new road, the rehabilitation of 37 km of existing road, the rehabilitation of seven bridges, the rehabilitation and the construction of 47 footbridges, the achievement of 50,232 sqm of sidewalks in localities, the construction of 49 km of protected (with concrete) and unprotected (made of earth) trenches, as well as in the arrangement of a roundabout in Mahmudia and an acceleration – deceleration lane.

The project was financed under the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013 and has a total value of 80,850,726.42 lei, of which 65,514,223.39 lei non-reimbursable financial assistance, the difference being co-financing from the Tulcea County Council.
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