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Communication » General overview

The Ministry’s fields of activity are very diverse. The communication activities will focus on the following programmes and projects:

  • Romania’s Strategic Concept of Spatial Development for the period 2007 – 2025 and the national, regional and local territorial arrangement plans,
  • Phare - Social and Economic Cohesion and Phare - Cross-border and trans-national cooperation (CBC) programmes,
  • Regional Operational Programme 2007 – 2013,
  • European territorial cooperation programmes in the period 2007-2013:
    • Romania - Bulgaria
    • Hungary – Romania
    • the South-East Europe (SEE) Trans-national Cooperation Programme
    • the INTERREG IVC Interregional Cooperation Programme
    • the URBACT Programme – dedicated to the cooperation between cities of the European Union
    • the ESPON 2013 Programme  - studies on territorial arrangement
    • the INTERACT II Programme – to support the structures involved in the management of the European Territorial Cooperation programmes
  • programmes of territorial cooperation at EU external borders in the period 2007-2013:
    • Romania - Serbia and Montenegro
    • Black Sea Basin
    • Romania – Ukraine – Republic of Moldova
    • Hungary – Slovakia –Romania - Ukraine.
  • Phare CBC cross-border and trans-national programmes 2004-2006:
    • Romania - Bulgaria
    • Romania - Hungary
    • Romania – Republic of Moldova
    • Romania - Serbia and Montenegro
    • Romania - Ukraine.
  • policy of national territory arrangement and equipment with public works:
    • the rural infrastructure programme: stone paving, rehabilitation, modernisation and asphalting of the classified roads of local interest and water supply for villages (GD 577/1997;
    • rural infrastructure programmes financed from external credits: The programme for the rehabilitation of the water and. sewerage systems in localities with less than 50 000 inhabitants, the programme for the development of infrastructure and sport facilities in the rural area;
    • programmes of energy efficiency: The programme for the thermal rehabilitation of the dwellings built in the period 1950-1990, the programme “Thermofication 2006-2009 – quality and efficiency”;
    • Programmes for sports facilities and social-cultural constructions: The programme for construction of sports halls, the programme for the consolidation and rehabilitation of sports halls, the programme for the construction of swimming pools;
    • Programmes for building dwellings: the programme for building dwellings in disfavoured areas, the programme for constructing necessity buildings, the programme for building dwellings, under GD No. 19/1994, the programme on collective saving and crediting under Law 541/2002, the programme for building dwellings in the system of mortgage loans, the programme for building dwellings meant to be rented by the young.
    • Consolidation of high seismic risk buildings: the Project on the diminution of the risks in case of natural calamities and preparation for emergency situations - Component B: Seismic risk reduction.
Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism | 17, Apolodor St. Latura Nord, sector 5 | Phone: 037 211 14 09 | e-mail:

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