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Transparency » Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is used at the level of Romanian administration in order to bring together, within a single management framework, issues related to organizational planning, setting  priorities, public policies planning and budget elaboration.
The main components of the strategic plans of institutions (SPI) are: a medium-term vision, analysis of internal and external environment, identification of the main factors involved, analysis of available resources, setting measurable objectives and relating them to the financing conditions. The strategic planning process also reinforces the connection between public policies planning and budget elaboration, at the same time increasing the efficiency of public expenditures.
The strategic planning system is introduced at institutional level through two components, i.e. the management component and the budgetary programming component.
The management component of strategic plans consists in a mandate, a vision, shared values, analysis of the internal and external environment, medium-term priorities and activity directions.
The budgetary programming component ensures the necessary connection between public policy planning processes and those related to budget  elaboration.
In order to ensure the applicability of the legal provisions regarding the Institutional Strategic Plan, two working groups function at the level of the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing:  the Management Group, consisting of staff with managerial positions and the Technical Management Group, consisting of persons appointed by the Management Group at the level of each directorate.

Similarly, The Public Policies Directorate (PPD) provides support for the implementation of the Institutional Strategic Plan. In this respect, PPD:

  • prepares the meetings of the Management Group and provides its secretariat;
  • provides the technical assistance necessary to the management technical subgroups;
  • ensures the consistency and coherence of the activity reports sent by directorates;
  • makes recommendations on the results obtained; analyses the possible delays and the activities that became obsolete and makes proposals aimed at ameliorating the reported situations;

The main duties of the Management Group are: adopting the Action Plan for the elaboration of the MDPWH Strategic Plan -, identifying and adopting activity directions, adopting medium-term priorities. The Management Group is also in charge with the implementation and updating of the MDPWH Strategic Plan.
The Technical Management Group is the main administrative source of the Management Group for the elaboration and implementation of the institutional strategic plan. The functioning of the Technical Group is based on structuring the activities carried out by the subgroups organized by the following components: Regional Development, Public Works and Housing, Legal, Economic and Financial.
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