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Public Works » Housing units » Programme of building rental housing units for young people

Name of programme:

Legislative framework:

  • Law no. 152/1998 setting-up the National Housing Agency, as subsequently amended and supplemented (Government Emergency Ordinance no. 66/2001, Government Emergency Ordinance no. 59/2002, Government Emergency Ordinance no. 185/2002, Government Emergency Ordinance no. 83/2003, Government Emergency Ordinance no. 105/2005 approved by Law no. 10/2006 and Government Ordinance no. 50/2006).
  • Detailed rules implementing the provisions of Law no. 152/1998, approved by Government Decision no. 962/2001, as subsequently amended and supplemented (Government Decision no. 1396/2002, Government Decision no. 607/2003, Government Decision no. 60/2004 and Government Decision no. 592/2006).

Implementing authority:
The Ministry of Regional Development and Housing, by the National Housing Agency.

Brief presentation:

Programme development characteristics:
  • The Ministry of Regional Development and Housing and the local councils analyse and establish, according to the applications for housing units and the available plots of land for building, the need and opportunity for building housing units and elaborate annual programmes together.
  • housing units are built on plots of land belonging to the public or private heritage of administrative-territorial units, granted for free use to the National Housing Agency, during the construction execution period.
  • after finalization, the constructions, together with the plots of land, are transferred to the private  patrimony of administrative-territorial units and the management of local councils, which distribute housing units to applicants, under a rental regime, in the same order in which applications were submitted and based on the criteria established by law.
  • the promotion and financing of investments regarding the building of housing units for young people are made in accordance with the legal provisions on public investments, by the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing, in its capacity as main fund manager and by the National Housing Agency, in its capacity as implementing authority.

  • Direct: local public authorities
  • Indirect: young people of no more than 35 years of age on the date of allotment, according to applicable legal provisions.

Building of rental housing units for the young people whose income sources do not permit them to purchase a private property housing unit or to rent a housing unit under market conditions.

Ensuring the stability of young specialists, by creating convenient dwelling conditions.

Carrying on execution works at the investment objectives started during previous years.
Promoting new objectives and initiating execution works.

Financing sources:

  1. State budget and external loans:
    - the design, during the technical project and execution detail phases, and the execution of construction-assembly works are financed from sources of the state budget and/or external loans purchased and guaranteed by the state, by the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing and the National Housing Agency;
  2. Local budget:
    - the design, during the phases of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, which substantiate the need and opportunity, the main characteristics and the technical and economic indicators of investments;
    - the provision of urban utilities and equipment is financed from sources of local budgets and from the sources of the economic agents which operate the network of utilities.
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