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Territorial Development » General Overview


Significance of the concept of “territorial development”
The spatial management of the country’s territory constitutes a compulsory, permanent and of perspective activity, carried on in the interest of the collectivities that use it, in keeping with the values and aspirations of the society and with the requirements of integration in the European space.

Territorial development is achieved through spatial planning and urban planning, which represent ensembles of complex activities of general interest, contributing to the balanced spatial development, to the protection of natural and built patrimony, and to the improvement of living conditions in urban and rural localities.

Management of the area at MRDH level
At the level of the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing, the attributions regarding spatial planning, urban planning and housing policies are assigned to the General Department for Territorial Development. Thus, it:

  • provides a unitary legislative and regulatory framework in the area of territorial development,
  • supports the elaboration, adoption and implementation of Romania’s Strategic Concept of Spatial Development – CSDSR 2007-2025,
  • elaborates spatial planning documentations,
  • supports the elaboration of urban planning documentations,
  • creates the information system specific to urban real estate and urban databanks.


According to the MRDH organisational chart, the General Department for Territorial Development is structured in three departments, as follows:


  • Department for Spatial planning – organised in two services:
    a) Service for territorial planning,
    b) Service for European inter-regional territorial cooperation,
  • Department for urban planning and local development – constituted of:
    a) Service for urban planning,
    b) Service for local development,
    c) Service for information system specific to urban real estate area and urban databanks,
    d) The secretariat, organised at compartment level, for the enforcement of GD 834/1991 regarding the establishment and assessment of lands owned by commercial companies with state capital, with further amendments and completions.
    e) Service – Secretariat for the declaration of public utility with a view of carrying out expropriation
  • Department for housing policy – made up of:
    a) The secretariat of the National Centre for Human Settlements (CNAU – Habitat)
    b) Service for legislation and regulations

Legal framework 

For the management of this area, a series of specific laws specific to spatial planning and urban planning have been adopted, some under promotion and modification, while other normative acts have incidence on the activity and constitute connected legislation, of help in fulfilling attributions.

In the area of spatial development, Romania is the signatory of strategic documents that set up objectives agreed by several states, members of European or international bodies in this line.

Partners of dialogue 

For the successful achievement of the territorial development objectives, the General Department for Territorial Development cooperates with the institutions under the subordination, coordination or authority of the MRDH:


  • The National Institute of Research-Development for Urban planning and Spatial planning,
  • The Centre of Documentation for Constructions, Urban planning and Spatial planning (CDCAS),
  • Register of Romanian City Planners. Given the complexity of the area and the interdisciplinarity it implies, many of the policies and started programmes are achieved in partnership with governmental or non-governmental bodies in this line.

Bilateral cooperation agreements have been signed with the counterpart institutions from France, Hungary and the Republic of Moldova, in order to strengthen the exchange of experience and good practices.
The General Department for Territorial Development has the following contacts:

  • Registry
    17, Apolodor str. North Wing, Sector 5, Bucharest 050741
  • Offices
    38, Dinicu Golescu Blvd., Sector 1, Bucharest
  • Secretariat
    2nd floor (Dinicu Golescu Wing), room 19
    Phone/fax: 021 3196102 
  • General Director
    Anca GINAVAR

A series of terms and expressions used by the specialists in territorial development are explained in the glossary.

Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism | 17, Apolodor St. Latura Nord, sector 5 | Phone: 037 211 14 09 | e-mail:

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