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Public Works » Infrastructure Programmes

Presentation of Infrastructure Programmes Carried Out within the Ministry of Development and Tourism

Investments in infrastructure

The infrastructure programmes carried out within the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing are evidence of our country’s development line, a concern of the Government to meet dwelling conditions in our country in accordance with the European requirements, but which, because of lack of financing sources, could not develop at the pace demanded by the real necessities of the inhabitants.

The programmes are mainly aimed at supplying water to villages in a centralised system, building sewerage and water purification systems, treating wastewater, creating, modernising, as the case may be, platforms for waste, improving road access ways by paving, rehabilitating, asphalting, building, extending or modernising bridges, foot-bridges or pedestrian overpasses and developing sports facilities.

This year, the following programmes aimed at improving the infrastructure are unrolled within the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing:

  • Infrastructure programmes, approved by Government Decision number 577/1997, with subsequent amendments and completions(water supply to villages and the program on paving, rehabilitating, modernising and / or asphalting classified roads of local interest and supplying water to villages, approved by GD no. 577/1997 with subsequent amendments and completions)
  • The government programme approved by Government Decision number 687/1997 on supplying water to villages
  • The programme on the development of infrastructure and some sports facilities, approved by Government Ordinance number 7 / 2006 approved and completed by Law nr.71/2007
  • The programme on the rehabilitation of the water supply and sewerage systems, as well as of the drink water and wastewater treatment plants in localities with a population of up to 50,000 inhabitants

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