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Public Works » Housing units

The Government strategy for housing construction is aimed at a better quality of life by ensuring the access of Romanian citizens to a decent dwelling, by developing programmes of building social housing or programmes of a social nature, in order to help the categories of people with modest income, especially young people, thus achieving stability for young specialists.
It also addresses the need to provide housing for tenants evicted from nationalized houses. Based on own methodology, a proposal to define vulnerability in terms of housing was submitted and is to receive legal status; an IT application for recording and reporting the status of homeless persons was also developed in order to substantiate the social housing programmes.
In the first quarter of year 2006 commodatum contracts were signed by all beneficiaries and the HIS IT application was installed in all the implementation pilot stations included in phase I of the pilot project.
The programmes of the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing in this field are:

  1. Programme for the construction of rental housing units for young people – carried out by the National Housing Agency.
  2. Programme for Mortgage-financed housing
  3. Programme for the construction of social housing in accordance with Law no. 114/1996
  4. Programme for the construction of social housing and housing for tenants evicted from nationalized houses
  5. Programme for finalizing the construction of blocks of flats started from state funds before 1989, in accordance with the provisions of Government Ordinance no. 19/1994
  6. Programme for retrofitting blocks of flats built in localities from disfavoured areas
  7. National programme supporting the construction of private housing in accordance with Government Emergency Ordinance no. 51/2006
  8. Programme on the provision of state premiums in accordance with Law no. 541/2002 on collective saving and lending for housing
  9. Programme of building emergency housing run by the National Investment Commission.

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