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Today, 5 February 2008, the second seminar within the Partnership 1 Programme with the academic environment was held at the Romanian Academy.

The programme is a public consultation project initiated by Mr. László Borbély, the Minister of Development, in partnership with Mr. Ionel Haiduc, Member and President of the Romanian Academy.

The Programme is aimed at creating a framework of interaction between the research teams of the institutes of the Romanian Academy and the management within the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing in order to substantiate certain regional and local development objectives as well as some approaches thoroughly substantiated on topics of European interest – social cohesion, innovation, climatic change, ageing of population and localities, competition and cohesion.

The Partnership 1 Programme is not only intended to create an inter-institutional working framework, but it is also a way of permanently upgrading the professional experience both in the case of researchers and in the case of civil servants. Therefore, the Programme functions as a vocational training tool and as a strategic consultation forum.

The programme was designed and is implemented by the Directorate for Relations with the Parliament and Social Dialogue as o form of PUBLIC CONSULTATION.

The programme has another positive role, i.e. that of being a way of information and consultation of interested groups.

In this respect, the programme will have both a consultation dimension and a pilot dimension as regards the democratization of the access to science.

This objective which is subordinated to the policies included in the already well-known plan D of the EC is based on the expectations specific to the knowledge-based society which is already active in the European area and is meant to create a stream of opinion in favour of life-long training, to establish another type of partnership culture and another philosophy of the citizen-administration relation.

The following persons participated:

Mr. László Borbély Minister of Development, Mr. Ionel Haiduc, President of the Romanian Academy, Mr. Florin Filip Vice-President of the Romanian Academy.

Mr. Catalin Zamfir - “Quality of Life" Institute, Ms. Sabina Ispas - Director of the Ethnography and Folklore Institute, Mr. Mircea Ciumara - Director of the National Economic Research Institute, Mr. Dan Tufis - Director of the Artificial Intelligence Institute, Mr. Glodeanu - Sociology Institute, Mr. Dan Balteanu, Member of the Academy – Director of the Geography Institute, Mr. Matei Stîrcea Craciun – Anthropology Institute

In the opening of the seminar activities, speaking about the strategic partnership between administration and the academic environment, Mr. L. Borbély said:

"Development should start from knowledge. The administration should get closer and closer to science, research, laboratory and school at all levels. We know this and that is why we are together in this programme. We have plenty of work to do, and I believe that you, the Academy, need the administration as an investor and also as a promoter of innovation and we, the administration, have to accept that each project means a new challenge in the knowledge area”.

The following persons made presentations from the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing:

Several specialized working sessions between the institutes of the academy and teams of the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing were established in an interactive session following the plenary meeting.