Message to the Readers

We want to find out what you think!

We believe that it is of high importance to improve cooperation in Europe in the area of strategic planning and to identify strategic territorial projects of common interest (based on the national strategic concepts for territorial development).

This is why we would like to encourage anyone, especially those living in our neighbouring countries, to send us their comments and opinions regarding our national strategic concept for territorial development.

We hope that this exercise will help us better identify the lacking components of the regionís accessibility network, as well as prove to be a good means for transferring knowledge and sharing experiences in the area of spatial planning. Furthermore, this exercise may be of use in delineating potential development areas and development corridors and axes, identifying and analyzing regional disparities and developing and planning the regionís polycentric network.

If you are interested in sending us your comments, please use the following e-mail address: We also invite you to regularly visit our website: in order to find out more about our future activities and events.

Strategic Concept of Spatial Development - Romania 2030